Five players Liverpool can and should sign before February 1st

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Michael Mongie takes a look at the business that Liverpool should be seriously considering getting done before the end of the month.

If the last 10 days have taught me anything, it’s that nothing is guaranteed in the world of football. This comes after Liverpool lost 1-0 to Swansea City a week after beating league leaders Manchester City 4-3.

While that on its own is distressing enough, the manner in which the Reds slumped to defeat was truly dispiriting and worrying. With 14 games of the Premier League season still to go, it’s absolutely vital that Champions League qualification is secured.

Philippe Coutinho secured passage to Barcelona two weeks ago and his absence was really felt during a truly dire performance at the Liberty Stadium on Monday evening. With a lack of creative midfielders on the pitch, I was struck by the fact that it really doesn’t seem like Jurgen Klopp has £142 million burning a hole in his pocket.

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This could be good and this could be absolutely terrible in the long run if Liverpool fail to finish in the top four and come crashing out of the Champions League.

As a result, I took the opportunity to have a look at some of the players that Liverpool ought to be having a look at and one or two they should be doing more to bring to the club.

Naby Keita (Yes, I know)

Yes, I know that RB Leipzig have issued that seemingly final statement, declaring that Naby Keita will not join Liverpool until the end of the season.

That said, this is purely because the Reds refused to cough up the cash as they deemed it nonsensical to pay so much money to get a player six months early when they are guaranteed to get him in July.

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However, given the complete lack of creativity and invention in Liverpool’s midfield, I think it seems more unwise not to pay the money when there is so much at risk and with the opportunity to win a trophy in the FA Cup, Klopp ought to be paying whatever it takes to have the best possible side going into the business end of the season.

Thomas Lemar (You’ve heard this one before too)

AS Monaco want £90 million for Thomas Lemar but have been hinting the whole month that they would be inclined to sell him for less this month. The Frenchman has not performed to the heights that he did last season this term and will almost certainly move on in six months time.

But for Liverpool, that might be six months late. As I mentioned before, signing a player now, to ensure the season is ended successfully is surely more important than waiting for a bargain in the summer?

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I’m not so sure Klopp will agree if Monaco are holding firm on their £90m valuation but the fact remains that the German has very few midfielders capable of unlocking a low block defence.

Riyad Mahrez (Not a new name either – sorry)

The Algerian is a player that might not be as talented as Philippe Coutinho or have as high a ceiling on his potential but I am certain that he is a player that could help unlock stubborn defences.

When West Brom host Liverpool at the weekend, they will be well pleased that the Reds don’t have any creative midfielders but rather workhorses like Emre Can and Georginio Wijnaldum.

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Of course, Adam Lallana is working his way back to full fitness but he has never been the answer conclusively for the Reds. Mahrez has won the Premier League and is a master of the unexpected.

Sign him and Liverpool will surely have better luck against teams that defend deeper.

Nabil Fekir (Bloody good footballer, lads)

Besides the fact that he scored an outrageous free-kick to help Lyon beat PSG at the weekend, Fekir was fantastic on the ball and used his close control to constantly slide away from opposing midfielders.

If there is a player that I honestly think is well-suited to be a like-for-like replacement for Philippe Coutinho, it’s Nabil Fekir. Aside from being left-footed, he operates in much the same manner, drifting in from out wide to have a shot or slip a teammate in on goal.

His dribbling, shooting and leadership would all be valuable to this Liverpool team and at 25 years of age, he has his career ahead of him yet. The Frenchman has scored 19 goals this season, while assisting a further 5 for teammates.

Julian Draxler (Remember him, boys?)

Liverpool were linked with the German a year ago but he opted to move to PSG but has struggled to find consistent game time there, making just 11 starts in the league this season.

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The 24-year-old would be a great option for Jurgen Klopp and still has a bright career ahead of him even if he has wasted a year on the bench in France. Klopp could help him kickstart things and replace Coutinho in one go.

He has four goals and three assists this season, a respectable return given that he hasn’t been able to find regular football easy to come by.

Michael Mongie
Just like you, I am a hugely passionate Liverpool supporter. I started Rousing the Kop in January 2015 and since then it has grown tremendously and has even been nominated as 'Best New Football Blog' in the Football Blogging Awards.


  1. FSG won’t buy another player until the summer. It sucks. They only buy when they sell our top players. It’s stupid but FSG seem to only care about money not winning anything. One trophy in almost a decade is a disgrace for a huge club like LFC. FSG have been total failures on the pitch. Off the pitch they are raking it in. And yet don’t like spending FSG money. But they LOVE Liverpool FC profits. Good owners? No they are not.

  2. I have never seen a team like Liverpool Fc, so reluctant to get things done at every point in time. they always rush at the dying minute, too bad of a team. Jurgen Klopp does not have instinct to read a match. a coach that cannot rise to occasion when it matters most. PLEASE TELL JURGEN KLOPP TO BUY PLAYERS BEFORE TRANSFER WINDOW IS CLOSED. I will hold the coach accountable if Liverpool is out of the champion league this season. There are millions of Liverpool fans in Nigeria a lone but the team always give us hypertension in a crucial matches that they suppose to win. lost of concentration, lost of focus and there is no team spirit. Nigerians fans are more crazier than English fans when it comes to football and they want want anything than good result. We need an independable defends midfilder, left back, central man, right back. I wonder what the club take Nigerian fans for. You want to play in Champion league in February yet you cannot Strengthen all the department in the game. BUY PLAYERS NOW. I WOULD HOLE THE COACH RESPONSIBLE for anything happen in the champions league. You have the money, why waiting till the summer what you can do this January? this is outer rubbish tell Jurgen Klopp that a dye hard fan of Liverpool say he will hold him responsible if Liverpool loose top 4 this season and if we also crash out in this season chanpions league.

  3. Liverpool need a new world class goalkeeper urgently, and a new world class striker. But the owners are refusing to buy anyone until the summer. It’s the same old story. They have plenty of money, but they keep it in their deep pockets. Liverpool will win nothing until new owners buy the club and invest heavily in the new players the club needs to win titles and trophies.

  4. Comment:I am really fade up of our coaching staff of both defenders and goal keepers.Why is Lfc reluctant in signing new faces yet they have bags of money from Coutinho deal? Do we need to look at the bags for smiles? Who is behind Lfc fading tones? Who can really revamp us? How can we now really sleeplessly compete with teams like Arsenal,Lfc is never and will never be under rated and compared to boggy teams like those.When Klopp was vailed to us, we thought of bigger changes and Cups but now we are in a sorry state.How can we be now scouts of other clubs? whatever good we fail, others take.If also FSG dont know our pillars, let them leave our club and surrender it to PM of Saudi Arabia. Whatever pain we are undergoing of supporting our fallen team,Klopp and FSG you will pay for it. Imagine we thought that the departure of Fergusson would give rise to Lfc but now shrinking to a nowhere position.Whatsoever shall mean less to us, will give rise to other clubs.Thankyou for ruining our Lfc.



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