Mason Holgate facing ban over homophobic tweets

Liverpool v Everton - The Emirates FA Cup Third Round
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Mason Holgate could find himself in hot water for alleged homophobic tweets that emerged following the Merseyside derby last week.

Holgate finds himself embroiled in a racial abuse claim and at risk of being banned for both homophobic tweets and his push on Roberto Firmino in the derby.

The Brazilian was pushed over advertising hoardings by the Everton man and could have been seriously injured but wasn’t sent off by referee Bobby Madley.

According to Matt Hughes of the Times, “Holgate is facing the threat of a misconduct charge and a suspension after the FA opened an investigation into allegedly homophobic tweets.”

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The claim against Firmino that he racially abused Holgate is still being investigated as the FA look to interview the two players as well as a few others from Everton and Liverpool.

Both clubs are cooperating fully with the FA to ensure that an outcome is achieved peaceably and without too much drama in the given circumstances. That said, with all the evidence available, it seems difficult to imagine that Frimino will be found guilty.

Bobby Madley even wrote in his post-match incident report that even with his proximity to the pair, he did not hear Firmino racially abuse Holgate. Some very curious information will need to be brought to light to impeach the Liverpool attacker.

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Although the FA is looking to interview Firmino and Holgate, the homophobia case is being looked into separately.

The offending tweets emerged after Liverpool fans retweeted the offensive material as a way to respond to the allegations that Firmino was being racist at Anfield. Holgate has since deleted his Twitter account – somewhat confirming his guilt.

There is yet to be a decision on the allegations from Holgate but we will bring you the outcome when it is released by the FA governing body.

Michael Mongie
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  1. The problem with this is the cringey bias in the writing .
    To be clear , I’m a Blue so clearly coming at this from a different starting point but come on .
    The push is ridiculous and horrible though I must say I’ve heard no mention of retrospective action and am not sure if there can be given that the referee saw it and made his decision ?
    In terms of what was said or not said the thing Holgate reacts to is not the insult widely cited – the sin of a bitch thing , it’s the next thing that is said . The boy was calm and then goes beserk . Either something very naughty has been said or at least he clearly believes it has been . You know that one about judging player’s reaction ?
    And as for the tweets you smugly mention . Naughty and unpleasant they may be but actually naughty isn’t the worst word to describe them given that he was a 15 year old boy when they were written .
    I really wish Holgate hadn’t pushed Firmino in part because it was so reckless and in part because it distracted from so many other things in the generally awful refereeing display .

  2. It’s a load of nonsense punishing someone for something they did when they were 15. I hope the FA use their heads here because it’s going to set a dangerous precedent. Fancy raising an issue about racism on the pitch? Don’t even think about it, some halfwit on twitter will drag up your past and it’ll be you getting punished.

    Given the referee was right in the middle and didn’t hear a racist insult it’s possible, not definite that Holgate simply misheard Firmino. If that was to be the case I think a apology in private with the player would be suffice.

    Anyone who has called Firmino a racist or summarized it as ‘Liverpool at it again’ on any social media platform, or anyone wanting Holgate banned if he missheard him needs to have a long hard think about why it is they want to trivialize racism.

    And the idiots who bought up a tweet from Holgate when he was 15 need their head sorting out. Too many people looking at it from a I hate Liverpool/Everton perspective instead of genuinely being bothered about what has went on.

  3. 3 issues 1 dangerous play ..2 deflecting issue by raising race card 3 if you make remarks about raceism os homophobic remarks dont do it where everyone can see it holgate should get a ban for 1 and 2 if bobby didnt abuse him and 3 dont matter when he did it it proves his mindset he needs a strong lesson


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