Mason Holgate accuses Roberto Firmino of racial abuse

Liverpool v Everton - The Emirates FA Cup Third Round
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Liverpool forward Roberto Firmino has been accused of racially abusing Everton defender Mason Holgate during the Merseyside derby on Friday evening.

The FA Cup tie at Anfield was settled by Virgil van Dijk on the Dutchman’s debut with a header at the Kop end but the gloss has been taken off the win by the allegation that Roberto Firmino racially abused Mason Holgate.

The alleged incident took place in the first half after Firmino was pushed over the advertising hoardings by Mason Holgate. The Brazilian reacted angrily and rushed to confront the young Evertonian but was stopped by referee Bobby Maddeley. Firmino was seen on television shouting at Holgate and has since been accused of calling him a n****r.

A few issues with Holgates accusations have to be brought to light in defence of Firmino and the first is that the Everton defender didn’t immediately react to the confrontation from the Liverpool forward. As would be expected in a scenario where a racial slur was uttered, an instant response is expected.

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The reason that Holgate doesn’t react immediately is that Firmino, as a non-English speaker, was shouting in Portuguese and therefore was incomprehensible to Holgate.

As the Daily Mirror have found in their use of a lip reader named Tim Reedy, Firmino, in fact, shouted: “‘Es maluco, filho da puta?’, which translates to ‘Are you crazy, you son of a b***h?’”

Tim Reedy told the Mirror: “Firmino, in retaliation to the push, confronts Holgate, shouting some words at him, to which Holgate does not react.”

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Reedy continued: “Holgate does not compute because Firmino is speaking in Portuguese. My findings are that Firmino did not use racist language.

“Instead, he says the words, ‘Es maluco, filho da puta?’, which translates as ‘Are you crazy, you son of a b***h?’. Then Holgate, upon speaking to the referee, thinks that racist language was used and tells the referee, ‘He called me a n****r.’

“It also appears the referee has no idea what Firmino said. When pushed away by a team-mate, Holgate reiterates that he was called a n*****.”

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Holgate’s accusations are being investigated by the FA and the outcome is of huge importance to Liverpool who cannot afford to lose another Brazilian forward after Philippe Coutinho departed for Spain to join Barcelona.

Liverpool and Everton have both agreed to co-operate with the FA during the process of the investigation but have refused to comment on the incident until a verdict is reached.

Firmino would undoubtedly face an enormous ban and fine if he was found guilty of racially abusing Mason Holgate but what if the latter fabricated the whole thing? Falsely accusing a person of racial abuse is a serious abuse and shouldn’t be considered lightly.

Hopefully, this whole storm blows over without too much fuss and Liverpool can go back to being 17 points above the Ev.

Michael Mongie
Just like you, I am a hugely passionate Liverpool supporter. I started Rousing the Kop in January 2015 and since then it has grown tremendously and has even been nominated as 'Best New Football Blog' in the Football Blogging Awards.


  1. Holgate knew he was about to see red and made the whole thing up to save his arse. And Adledice now a blue shite just like Ferguson and Manure would love nothing more than to get a Liverpool player banned and see no problem telling lies too.

  2. The lads full of shite. Just another bitter blue. Had to delete his twitter because he’s a homophibic scumbag.

  3. Holgate you fucking idiot, he called you a Puta, he was speaking in Brazialian you fucking half wit. Not only do you play for a shit team but your lip reading skills are shit too. I was sat at home and could see exactly what he called you, you were stood in front of him and you still get it wrong. Your a fucking retard, Puta in Brazilian means Whore, Prostitute, Street Walker although he did say a few words before it and depending on which way he said the words it can at worst mean your a dirty Mother fucking Whore. Racist, Firmino has Lots of ethnic friends from all different back grounds and cultures. You are an absolute numbskull, so your playing for the right team then as trying to make things worse for players at LFC is all Evertonians can do.

  4. Easy get out of jail free card for Holgate accusing Firmino of racist slur. Holgate should get banned for 3 plus game due to dangerous play the little weasel.

  5. And your lip reader is correct up to a point. After the word puta is uttered, Kenny is in camera shot and Firmino says something else given his head movement that Holgate explodes at. Up to that point Holgate didn’t have a clue what he was on about. Then again, you reds like moving the goalposts to suit, again…

    • So you are justifying Intentional serious bodily harm by inventing an accusation. Have you or anyone seen this alleged word being said? Or England has become a place where people are condemned on hear say? Its one thing to utter such drivel in a pub and another to post them!

      • No, Holgate is guilty, and the ref bottled it. The point is, no-one can see what was said fully. Let the authorities do their job before shit like this comes out that is actually only half a story for now.

  6. Very very serious accusations Mr Holgate ! Think youve got it wrong and I guess you might be privately shitting yourself cos youve got yourself stuck in a corner and I hope Robbie has the balls to take this thru the courts !!

  7. he is clearly lying. he is trying to save himself. the problem here is that in the process he will tarnish Firmino name, holgate is an average player and a little bit of a arrogant person. what if Firmino has been badly hurt. FA will do nothing for holgates intent to harm….but due to politics they will investigate this. and since holgate is black and accuses someone of racism, therefore he is always right anf d Firmino is wrong. sad this politically correct world has become


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