Former Liverpool technical manager made it his mission to sign Coutinho for Barcelona

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Former Liverpool technical manager Pep Segura and current general manager at Barcelona has played a large part in rocking the boat as far as Philippe Coutinho is concerned.

Although the English transfer window slammed shut at 11pm on Thursday, transfers in Spain have until midnight on Friday to be completed. This means Liverpool still have some work to as far as holding onto Philippe Coutinho is concerned.

The no.10 has done his utmost this summer to force his way out, handing in a transfer request, feigning injury and illness and in general just being a nuisance.

Yet, as it stands, Liverpool will not be giving into Barcelona and Coutinho’s wishes and will not be selling the midfielder.

Of course, that’s not exactly news as we’ve known this all along, however, what has come to light thanks to great work from Simon Hughes is that former Liverpool technical manager Pep Segura has made it his personal mission to get Coutinho to Barcelona in search of revenge against Fenway Sports Group.

According to Simon Hughes, Pep Segura resigned from Liverpool in anger three years ago after arriving at Melwood to find out he was not receiving the promotion he was told he would be.

You see, Segura had been promoted from youth academy technical manager to sporting director but apparently, Brendan Rodgers didn’t fancy the idea.

Hughes writes, “Rodgers, though, had other ideas, insisting his own appointment would not involve another tier of management above him.”

The issue for Segura, however, was not so much the fact that he no longer had a role to play within the senior hierarchy at Anfield but rather he was not informed in a professional manner. Instead, he arrived “at Melwood for the start of pre-season training only to find out then there would be no place for him in the new set-up.”

Not only had Segura been embarrassed by his arrival at Melwood, he found it impossible to contact FSG regarding the “proposed” promotion as “the line of communication had gone stone cold since Rodgers’s arrival.”

So, in response to this, instead of returning to Kirkby as Rodgers told him to, he resigned then and there.

Now Barcelona’s general manager, tasked with recruiting new players, Segura views “the signing of Coutinho as a personal mission.”

It was indicative of the club’s stance on Coutinho last month when a statement was released, explaining that the Brazilian would still be a Liverpool player come the end of the summer.

Yet, it spoke to a larger power at play as it was FSG who released the statement and not the club itself.

Liverpool are well-staffed in attack and indeed midfield so I think it’s safe to say that the decision to keep Coutinho this season was more due to the club’s reluctance to sell their best players.

With the likes of Raheem Sterling, Luis Suarez and Fernando Torres all departing in recent years, Liverpool have been labeled a selling club.

With the arrival of Jürgen Klopp, there has been an active approach to ridding the club of this tag and restoring the Reds to Europe’s finest.

Michael Mongie
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