Barcelona prepare £137m bid for Liverpool’s Philippe Coutinho

Philippe Coutinho at Anfield with Jurgen Klopp.

Liverpool’s nightmare continues as Barcelona prepare to make another move after two failed bids for Philippe Coutinho with the Catalan club ready to offer £137 million.

Watford frustrated Liverpool supporters on Saturday afternoon as the Hornets equalised in the 93rd minute to rob the Reds of an away win on opening day.

Meanwhile, club talisman Philippe Coutinho was not on site after the Brazilian handed in a transfer request on Friday. The former Inter Milan midfielder wants to move to Barcelona this summer but Liverpool are adamant that they won’t sell.

According to Jonathan Northcroft, Barcelona are prepared to offer £137 million for Coutinho if Liverpool are open to negotiating.

Yet, after Fenway Sports Group (FSG) made a public statement insisting that Coutinho will not be sold this summer, it’s difficult to see how the club’s owners can back down from their stance now.

That being said, FSG have failed Liverpool before and it wouldn’t come as a surprise to see the American owners sell Coutinho despite their public statement and despite the fact that they apparently gave Klopp the final say on transfers.

Many fans believe that the relationship between Klopp and FSG is deteriorating and that although the German manager is not one to walk away from a club like Liverpool, it’s not improbable the former Borussia Dortmund manager will find it difficult to look past FSG selling Coutinho behind his back.

With just over two weeks remaining of the transfer window, selling Coutinho now would wreck Liverpool’s season.

The Brazilian was pivotal in Liverpool’s Premier League campaign last season and had he not been involved, it’s likely that the Reds would not have finished in the top four.

With the league as competitive as it is this season, Liverpool cannot afford to sell their best player especially given that the likes of Virgil van Dijk and Naby Keïta haven’t joined Liverpool yet this season.

Michael Mongie
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    • jugen klopp leave Philippe countinho to go since he is no longer interested in your team any more despite the contract he has with you. for God’sake a player have the right to leave a team if he chooses to so please let him go

      • He might not want to be there . But he has a contract that he willingly signed only 6 months ago . So klopp does have the right to ask him to show the club a damn site more respect than he is showing right now .. and don’t forget we plucked this ungrateful little shit from Inters reserves and made him the player he is .. He should at the least give the club one more season .

        • Spot on Mark. He needs to apologise to the manager, team and club. Until then he can train with Gerrards boys and sit out a World Cup season

  1. Another tiresome attempt to blame FSG – damned if they sell him, damned if they don’t. Personally I hope they stand by their word. I would write a short email to the player, his agent, and Barca stating that there will be no further communication, and that the player will need to apologise to his manager and team mates before he can be considered to wear the shirt again. He’s not our best player as many believe and we need to stand strong and together

  2. if a player decided to leave his team to make a move to another team despite the contract he has with the team shouldn’t they allow him leave since he said he’s not longer interested in the club any more. please jugen klopp let coutinho go you are not his father in any way.

  3. klopp coutinho is not your son that you have to force to stay in your team he wants to go so please let him go. can’t you see as it happens the same way with neymar at Barcelona and they let him go. you too should just do the same and let the boy go

    • He is an employee of liverpool FC with a five year contract. Behaving like a spoiled child this player who joined us as a nobody. Time he grew up.

  4. The fans might not want him . But right now we can’t do without him . If anyone can tell me who is available as a like for like replacement then fine .. Christ we can’t even bring in the players we thought we could get . So at the stage of the window no amount of money is acceptable because we can’t spend it anyway . If we sell him it will put us back 2 years . And may even cost us our manager .

    • We can do without him. He’s always been inconsistent. A front three of Mane Salah and Firmino with back up from Solanke Sturridge Origi and Ings is as good as any club in the league. However there are principles at stake and the club should not be bending over to the childish whims of greedy ego driven over rated young men

    • Who cares if it’s ‘his desire’ ? It’s mine to be a millionaire this week but I won’t be. That’s life. Player power is a disgrace. The club must defend its best interests


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