Liverpool have resumed training at Melwood after a summer break and the first day of preseason includes a series of tests to ensure there aren’t any fresh injuries.

The off-season is absolute torture for supporters and any glimpse of football is snatched at with an abandon rarely seen elsewhere.

For this reason, the first day of preseason is an exciting one for fans as they get to see new and old faces at the club’s training ground as they prepare for the new season.

As much as it’s fun for supporters to feed off the sparse photos that the club releases of players in the gym or even just eating their breakfast as a group, the hard work begins today.

Yet, despite what many may think, Jürgen Klopp and his coaching staff won’t be jumping straight into football tactics and elaborate drills on how to breakdown Brighton and Hove Albion when they visit Anfield next season.

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Rather, a series of tests need to be conducted on the 22 players set to reconvene at Melwood as Klopp and co. look to ensure that none of their players have returned from their holidays with fresh injuries.

Liverpool’s official website reveals that the first test that the players returning today will undergo is a body mass and height check. It’s as simple as it sounds as all it entails is for each player to step onto the scales as “body mass, height and key bio measurements” are jotted down.

After that, they’ll have breakfast before more “strenuous tests” are done.


Once breakfast is wrapped up, each player will proceed to the next test where each player will have their “movement and stretching capabilities” examined.

According to, “Three stations will be in operation to record data for the real-time, points-based system, with their efforts during a variety of physical activities simultaneously filmed to provide a secondary viewpoint of their movement.”

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Up next is a lactate test, with more being demanded of the players returning to Melwood. Split up into two groups, the players will have to run a 400m track as a test of endurance.

As per Liverpool’s official website, “They must complete the circuit three times and then blood samples are taken from the ear to test their heart rate and blood lactate, which is an indicator of endurance levels.

“The running will be done at a specific pace – beginning at 8km per hour followed by a two-minute break, then again at 10km per hour and a two-minute break, and so on up to 20km per hour.”

After breaking for lunch, a jump test will be conducted in order to ascertain the force each player puts “into jumps and the heights they can reach.”

The players returning to Melwood include Daniel Sturridge, Roberto Firmino and Sadio Mané but excludes new signing Mohamed Salah

Liverpool kick off their preseason programme with a game against Tranmere Rovers next week before playing Wigan. Following that, trips to Hong Kong, Germany and Dublin are on the cards as the Reds prepare for the 2017/18 season.

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