According to The Liverpool Echo, The Premier League could still take action against Liverpool for their illegal approach to Virgil Van Dijk despite Southampton’s acceptance of the club’s public apology.

On Tuesday evening, Liverpool Football Club issued an official statement to apologise to Southampton for the inappropriate manner in which Virgil Van Dijk was approached and disclosed that all interest in the Dutchman has been ended.

A meeting will be held today between officials from the Premier League and representatives from both Liverpool and Southampton. According to The Liverpool Echo, the objective will be “to get to the bottom of the dispute.”

Despite Liverpool’s apology – which was agreed between the two clubs – the Reds could still face a full inquiry from the Premier League after Southampton’s complaint.

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If the Premier League believe that their procedures have been disregarded, then Liverpool could face a heavy fine or a transfer ban. The latter of the two punishments would have serious repercussions for Liverpool’s progression as a side under Jürgen Klopp with recruitment key to their development.


Liverpool were charged earlier this year for “tapping up” a 12-year-old Stoke youngster which means that the Premier League will have further evidence to use against the Merseyside club in the event the league wishes to act on Liverpool’s transgression. The punishment for illegally approaching the Stoke youngster was a two-year ban on signing players from English academies.

Southampton, however, is yet to make a formal complaint to the Premier League, according to The Liverpool Echo.

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The saga has yet again seen Liverpool embarrassed in the transfer market and made to look inept – which, of course, is not far from the truth. The humiliating debacle with Southampton now means that Klopp will likely need to look elsewhere for a new centre-back but the German will struggle to find one as talented as Van Dijk.

With three weeks until the transfer window opens, there is still plenty time for Liverpool to get their business in order but it would be unsurprising if clubs thought twice about dealing with the Merseyside outfit after this.

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