With reports indicating Liverpool have agreed personal terms with Mohamed Salah, Liverpool fans can’t wait for the winger to officially sign for the club.

With the fixture list for the 2017/18 season just 10 days away from being released, Liverpool supporters are beginning to become restless with regards to the club’s transfer business.

Of course, there is still plenty of time to recruit new players with the transfer window not set to open for another three and a half weeks.

That being said, news that Mohamed Salah has agreed a £90,000 per week contract with Liverpool was met by most fans with an overwhelming wave of relief and support. A fee still needs to be agreed with Roma, but that’s insignificant in the eyes of many fans.

 Twitter reacts to news of Salah agreeing terms with Liverpool

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With Liverpool’s dire need for another winger, it’s not surprising that Twitter responded to news of a contract with such excitement.

The thought of Salah at Liverpool is positively enthralling

With Philippe Coutinho, Roberto Firmino and, of course, Sadio Mané already at the club, Liverpool’s attack would go up a level with the purchase of Mohamed Salah – and supporters are aware of this.


The permutations possible are almost endless once you include another winger in Liverpool’s attacking setup.

It could end badly, though…

But then, it could also end really well…

With skill, guile and more pace than is imaginable, Mohamed Salah would make a great signing at the rumoured £35 million price tag.

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