Adam Lallana missed an absolute sitter against Manchester City on Sunday but immediately apologised to his teammates and Jürgen Klopp, demonstrating how perfect his attitude is.

What happened to Adam Lallana on Sunday at the Etihad can happen to anyone. All it takes is a momentary lapse of concentration, a miscue or a loss of balance to miss a golden opportunity like the one Roberto Firmino presented Lallana with.

The gravity of the miss had nothing to with how poor the finish was. Neither was the fact that it was the continuation of a poor run of form for Lallana. Rather, the situation is exacerbated by the fact that, had Lallana hit the back of the net from a mere six yards out he could have earned Liverpool two extra points in the battle for Champions League qualification.

The miss was met with incredulity from Liverpool fans and ridicule from opposition fans.

Lallana apologised to his teammates after the game for what proved to be a very costly miss. Poor finishing let Liverpool down on the afternoon but it took character to stand up in front of his peers to admit he let them down. Jürgen Klopp loves players like Lallana who have the maturity take the blame when things go awry.


He told the Daily Mail, “My eyes lit up, I just thought to myself ‘If I get some connection on this, it’s a goal’ but it just took a bounce in front of me.

“I might have just taken my eyes off the ball for a second and got excited. Oh, I’m absolutely gutted. It could have proven to be the winner and it was a big moment in the game. I’m so disappointed with it.

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“Me being me, I went into the dressing room and said sorry to them all. That’s the way I felt. I put my hands up. To not hit the target… It was a chance I should have hit the target with and probably should have scored.

“I felt if we got the second, we would have put the game to bed.

“I apologised for not hitting the target but the lads were fine. It’s one of those things, isn’t it? They happen sometimes. It was a good point but I’m so disappointed not to score it because it could have been the difference.”

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