John Barnes told IB Times that he would love for Liverpool to complete a marquee summer signing but that it may be beyond the Merseyside football club.

As an early disclaimer, I can assure you that John Barnes is not suggesting Liverpool start signing ex-Manchester United footballers. Rather, the Liverpool legend has tapped into a sentiment which is quite prominent among Reds supporters these days.

It can be quite frustrating as a Liverpool fan to watch the likes of Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Paul Pogba join your rivals. This might be a moot point when you consider Manchester United’s league position and the fact that they have been sixth since December, a league record.

All that being said, there remains the feeling that Liverpool’s failure to compete with Chelsea and the Manchester clubs in the transfer market can only result in a continued dormancy as far challenging for silverware is concerned.

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Speaking to IB Times, John Barnes discussed Liverpool’s lack of marquee signings and what he’d like to see from his former club.

“I’d love to see [Cristiano] Ronaldo, [Marco] Reus and Manuel Neuer, but that’s not happening,” Barnes said.

“In terms of the best players in the world, if they are coming to England, they are going to go to Manchester City, they’re going to go to Chelsea, they’re going to go to Manchester United.


“They are going to go to these clubs before Liverpool. The advantage we have is that we trust Jürgen Klopp enough to make the decision to buy some players in Germany or wherever that he knows can do what he wants.

“If you are talking to me about the obvious players who I would like to see coming, there is no point mentioning them because they are not coming to Liverpool.”

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Barnes goes on to speak about how Liverpool are ‘unique’ in their ability to trust their manager to sign a relatively unknown player and transform him into a force to be reckoned with. Liverpool fans look at what Klopp did with Lewandowski, Reus and Hummels and believe Klopp can do similar things in England.

“We are unique in that,” Barnes continues. “Unless it’s going to be a £40 million or £50 million signing that everybody knows is a world-class player, the Arsenal fans will be disappointed.

“The Chelsea fans will be disappointed. Liverpool fans trust Jürgen Klopp enough to know that he may sign a player we’ve never heard of, but we trust him enough to get the best out of that player.”

Liverpool have 11 games left this season and know that the success of their transfer window rides on the ability to secure Champions League qualification. Manchester City and Manchester United both dropped points against Bournemouth and Stoke City respectively which is great for Liverpool’s chances of finishing in the top four.

Whether or not Klopp will go big this summer is doubtful but, at the moment, it’s irrelevant. Right now, it’s more important that Liverpool finish well before transfer targets are addressed. With 11 games to play, there is plenty to play for.

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