Jürgen Klopp confirmed that Liverpool will be active in the transfer window again this summer after a season which has taken a dive due to a lack of all-round quality and squad depth.

Liverpool signed Jöel Matip, Sadio Mané and Georginio Wijnaldum in the summer among others but the squad still lacks the ability to challenge for trophies. In November, when Liverpool topped the league after thumping Watford 6-1, the Reds could not be praised highly enough. Fast forward to March and all the issues in the squad are painstakingly clear.

Thankfully, Klopp is aware of these issues and is planning on addressing them.

Speaking before Liverpool’s victory over Arsenal, Klopp told reporters, “The club have never said to me that a certain figure is too expensive; that has not happened yet and I don’t expect it to happen.

“We all have the same plan, the sporting director, scouting department, owners, myself – we all want to make this club as successful as possible so we will spend money in the summer.

“Of course we have to improve the squad, that is clear.

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“We could have done with one or two players in January, when we had injury problems and the Africa Cup, but the transfer window didn’t give us any opportunity.

“We will be prepared for the summer window, for sure. We are working on it already – we might need between two and six players.”

There is a lot that you can take from this particular segment of quotes.


Firstly, despite the common consensus among supporters, Klopp and owners Fenway Sports Group are on the same page with regards to spending on players. Whether Klopp is alluding to the fact that he is the one who wants the cheaper players or if he is just supporting his owners is unclear.

Secondly, Klopp knows that he buggered it in January. Liverpool had the opportunity to go all out for the league title with one or two reinforcements in the winter transfer window. Failure to bring in new players has cost the Reds this season. Klopp knows this.

And thirdly, Klopp is prepared to take the blame for his mistakes and build on the lessons learnt. How many managers have we had in the last ten years who failed to recognise the error of their ways and shifted blame onto a vulnerable target?

Will Liverpool sign Lacazette and Naby Keita?

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Klopp made mention of signing ‘between two and six players’ in the summer and this is of particular interest to me. The German manager rarely makes mention of transfer dealings in public and to do so is openly admitting that he knows this season requires a vast improvement and the way to do so is by bringing in new players.

I can’t remember the last time Liverpool didn’t have to go all out in the transfer market to get something from the next season. This time around, it needs to be more about who comes in and not about how many players come in. Signing three players who will be the spine of the team for years to come is better than signing six or seven average squad players who will be shifted in a matter of seasons.

Alexandre Lacazette and Naby Keita would be perfect. The former is ideal for any Premier League team and the latter is just perfect for a Jürgen Klopp team. His energy and drive, coupled with his goalscoring instincts will make it hard to find a better midfielder looking for a move this summer. If he is looking for a move, that is.

This summer is make or break for FSG. We’re all aware their interest in Liverpool is that of a business and not of avid football fans. That being said, however, their club needs them to invest outside of their net spend to progress in the way Manchester United are at present.

This summer will be interesting, for sure. Signing Lacazette and Keita might be unrealistic but Liverpool has to try or runs the risk of slipping further irrelevance.

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