According to the Express, Alexis Sánchez is ready to quit Arsenal after heartbreak in the Champions League yet again and Liverpool should make a bid according to Michael Mongie.

Off the bat, I’d just like to clarify, as a disclaimer of sorts that I don’t believe Sánchez will move to Merseyside.

But why not? When Liverpool sold Luis Suárez to Barcelona in 2014 for a reported £75 million, they messed up big time. They had the opportunity to sign a like for like replacement in Sánchez and failed to use Suarez as makeweight. It was a deal that could have vastly altered the last three years for Liverpool and perhaps even Brendan Rodgers.

In his time at Arsenal, Sánchez has catapulted himself into contention for being the league’s best footballer. He’s easily right up there with Chelsea’s Eden Hazard. The Chilean’s tenacity and skill on the ball are a combination that has seen him make light work of the Premier League.

But he’s playing in London for Arsenal when Roberto Firmino, a natural midfielder, is playing centre-forward for Liverpool on Merseyside.

“Offer Sánchez a tonne of dog food and silly money.”

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A while ago, I read a pleasantly humorous tweet where the twit* inferred that FSG should buy loads of dog food for Sánchez’ dogs. It’s obvious, just from a brief glimpse at the Arsenal striker’s Instagram, that he has a passion for dogs and Liverpool should exploit this to attract the forward to Liverpool.

That’s what the twit* believes anyway.


As far as silly money goes, Liverpool have never done it and have suffered for their stinginess. Perhaps, with a willingness to pay the wages of the top players in Europe, Liverpool might just have a few of these players.

Liverpool are clearly suffering this season with both a lack of players and a lack of the right players. Signing world class players isn’t always the way to do things, as Spurs show with the likes of Dele Alli and Harry Kane doing wonders for the London club. Daniel Levy’s wage structure is a great way to keep players in check and maintain a good squad morale. Yet, as much as I hate to admit it, Chelsea and the Manchester clubs are always more likely to win trophies given the calibre of player they target.

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You’re damned if you and you’re damned if you don’t, really.

If James Pearce is to be believed, however, Liverpool will sign five to six high-profile players this summer which could transform the Reds into challengers. If Sánchez isn’t one of those players, and I don’t think he will be, then Klopp and co. need to target a similar calibre of player.

*Twit – Someone who uses Twitter. Not necessarily an idiot.

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