Welcome to Liverpool, Manolo Gabbiadini and farewell Claudio Ranieri

Michael Mongie reflects on the events of the last week with Southampton unfortunate to miss out on winning the EFL Cup on Sunday evening and Claudio Ranieri was sacked unceremoniously midweek.

Alright. Where do I start?

With two goals in a cup final against Manchester United, while wearing Southampton’s kit, Manolo Gabbiadini has all but signed a five-year contract with Liverpool.

It should have been a hat-trick too.

If you were on Twitter at all last night, you’re likely to have witnessed one of the most incredible meltdowns in the history of the social media platform’s history. Manolo Gabbiadini scored three goals against the Mancs last night and yet his side left Wembley with runners up medals and broken hearts.

I think what makes most people so upset is that anyone associated with Manchester United will still maintain that there is a conspiracy against them and that any referee is out to get them.

I tweeted last night that if you were happy when Zlatan Ibrahimovic rose highest to head the ball home then you are either a United supporter or dead inside. It was later pointed out that it’s likely both.

God, I’m so salty.

Welcome to Liverpool, Manolo Gabbiadini

With the terrific form that Southampton’s forward is in, it’s almost too predictable that the banter merchants would make jokes about the Italian signing for Liverpool next season.

Okay, I made a joke too.

Liverpool have gone a long time without a forward of note to write home about with it closing in on three years since Giorgio Chiellini had his shoulder bitten by Luis Suarez.

The fact that anyone at a professional football club of Liverpool’s magnitude saw fit to sign Mario Balotelli as the replacement for Suarez makes me sick. Three years on and a replacement is yet to be found that is anywhere near the Uruguayan’s level.

Gabbiadini is not the answer as he is unable to carry out the high press that Jürgen Klopp craves. He certainly has the finishing but a player like Roberto Firmino is more suited to harry and press up front.

The scouting team at Melwood need to be searching for a forward in Diego Costa’s mould. A player almost identical to Luis Suarez in build, skill and mindset. He’s a bastard. Plain and simple. There aren’t enough bastards in Liverpool’s squad. There might be some who would turn their noses up at the controversial side that Costa brings, but I love it.

When the going gets tough, you can’t expect nice guys like Adam Lallana to dance through a packed box. What you need is a player like Costa who is prepared to bully his way through, throw an elbow in there and even stamp on a few toes. He’s a winner, born and bred. Liverpool need a bastard. You can’t deny it.

As an aside, you can expect more from me soon on Liverpool needing bastards.

When push comes to shove, make sure you don’t slip

“When push comes to shove, make sure you don’t slip and fall from grace.” – Unknown.

Just to clarify, I made the above quote up to emphasise a point I’d like to make. Quotes from Mahatma Ghandi and Nelson Mandela are overused and don’t fit the context so I fabricated a little.

But I digress.

Regardless of your standpoint on the saga regarding Claudio Ranieri’s dismissal, you can’t help but deny that it is shocking that his players have turned on him. The Tinkerman turned Wes Morgan and Robert Huth into two of the most imposing centre-halves in the country and made Jamie Vardy look world class.

Without him, or rather, once they decided they didn’t need him anymore, they returned to looking like the rag-tag group of Sunday League players that were nearly relegated before he was appointed.

Liverpool play Leicester at the King Power Stadium tonight at 8 PM and I hope they get absolutely obliterated. The board and owners have revealed themselves as nothing more than classless.

On the other hand, Claudio Ranieri remains as humble and classy as he did the day he took over at Leicester. He has survived his fall from grace without any damage to his reputation but those currently at Leicester City Football Club have had their fairytale dream tarnished in a way no-one could have imagined even after the hysterics and drama of last season.

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