Latest news on Philippe Coutinho leaving the club

Philippe Coutinho is yet to return to action for Liverpool after picking up an injury in November and yet rumours linking him with Barcelona and PSG have already resumed.

It’s hard to deny that Philippe Coutinho is Liverpool’s most talented player and his influence on the club has been demonstrated this season with five goals and five assists in 13 Premier League games, according to Squakwa.

The link with Barcelona is a natural one given that Coutinho is Brazilian and it’s often the aspiration for many South American footballers to play for either Real Madrid or Barca given that their childhood heroes played for them. Not to mention the fact that Neymar and Suarez both player for the Catalan club – two players that Liverpool’s no.10 is close to.

That being said, I do find it difficult to wrap my head around the link with Paris Saint-Germain. Although the French club makes it to the knockout stages of the Champions League every season, that’s all they have to offer. With all due respect, the Ligue 1 is one of the least competitive leagues out of the major divisions in Europe.

A journo asked Jurgen Klopp at his presser yesterday if other clubs had forgotten about Coutinho because of his injury and he replied, saying, “It would be nice if big clubs thought like this and forgot about a player completely because he’s been injured for five or six weeks. But big clubs don’t think this way unfortunately.

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“But we never had any ideas or any plans or any talks about this because he is our player and there are no other ideas. And nothing has changed.”

Coutinho is a massive player for Liverpool and central to any chances of winning trophies. Perhaps Klopp’s biggest challenge in the future is to hold onto his most valuable players and help Liverpool rid the tag of being a selling club.

Very few clubs, with the exception of Atletico Madrid, are capable of competing at the highest level and still sell their best players. I am sure Liverpool will be keen to hold onto Coutinho and others and it seems as though that starts now. Perhaps the Brazilian can help the Reds win the Premier League this season, which would only serve to convince him and others to stay.

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