After it seemed as though Liverpool were interested in signing Virgil Van Dijk, new reports don’t highlight any interest from the Reds.

Liverpool need Virgil Van Dijk. Or, at least, a player that is similar to him in every way. After losing 4-3 to Bournemouth, it became even more painstakingly clear that Dejan Lovren isn’t the future of Liverpool’s defence with a performance that inspired little confidence and wasn’t nearly as commanding as it needed to be without Joel Matip.

Following the humiliation at the Vitality Stadium, rumours and speculative reports indicated that Jurgen Klopp wanted to trigger Virgil Van Dijk’s measly £25 million release clause and bring the Dutchman to Merseyside in January.

According to De Telegraaf, Liverpool and Manchester City were in contention to sign Van Dijk, with both clubs reported as being keen on triggering the Dutchman’s release clause. A couple days later, however, the Telegraph‘s Matt Law contradicted reports in Holland, saying that Liverpool are not interested in signing Van Dijk in January.


Law’s revelation will stump many Liverpool supporters, who have been made subject to poor defensive displays since Rafa Benitez was manager of the club. Hopefully, these reports are just a smokescreen or a way to hide that the club are chasing another good centre-half, but I don’t have high hopes. It would seem as though Van Dijk is January’s Jonas Hector.

A report which enforces the thought that Van Dijk won’t be wearing a Liverpool jersey next month is that the Times’ Paul Joyce and Rick Broadbent, claim that Manchester United and Chelsea are interested in Van Dijk – with little mention of Liverpool’s interest.

With the January transfer window looming nearer and little sign that Dejan Lovren will undergo a radical transformation as a defender, the hope is that Liverpool are targeting someone or anyone, so that there is some hope of maintaining a title challenge.

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