Jamie Carragher blasts Loris Karius and Jurgen Klopp is not happy

Loris Karius was at fault for the goal which saw Liverpool lose all three points on Sunday and Jamie Carragher was highly critcal of the young German, much to the displeasure of Jurgen Klopp.

When the ball cannoned off Loris Karius’ chest against Bournemouth yesterday afternoon, allowing Nathan Ake to score the winner, I immediately knew that he was in for a bollocking as far as the media are concerned – nevermind the wrath of supporters.

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Karius’ transition in to the hustle and bustle of England’s premier division has been far from ideal.

One man who was particualrly vocal in his disatisfaction with the way Karius performed was Jamie Carragher. The former Liverpool player let rip while speaking on Sky Sports and he didn’t pull any punches.

“Too often in the last two or three years, Liverpool fall apart when put under pressure,” Carragher told Sky Sports, via the Telegraph. Of goalkeeper Karius, Carragher said: “In eight starts for Liverpool he has not shown me one thing to suggest he’s good enough at this level. He’s miles away.”

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Jurgen Klopp, on the other hand, is not of the opinion that such criticism is warranted.

“No concern; no problem,” he said of Karius. “If you make mistakes you get criticised. That’s what happens in life. I’m sure people criticised Jamie Carragher in his career. The last goal was not easy for a goalkeeper. It says nothing about him as a goalkeeper. It happens.

“I was angry during the game a few times. My boys didn’t want to do the wrong thing; but they did and lost the momentum. It’s not simple to come back. We were 100 per cent before now. Now we are 99 per cent. But it’s quite simple to go back to 100 per cent.”

It’s a natural response from a manager to protect his player and Karius is one who really needs the extra protection at this point in time. His difficult start to life in England will be remembered by most supporters but it’s not the end of the world. David De Gea, aruguably the second-best ‘keeper in the world had a very poor first season with Manchester United but is now blossoming. What is also important to remember is that Karius is still very young and has plenty of time to grow as a player.

Liverpool welcome West Ham to Anfield in their next Premier League fixture and it will present Karius with the opportunity to improve and help his side return to winning ways.

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