According to France Football, Mamadou Sakho is 99.9% certain to leave Liverpool in the winter transfer window.

It would seem as though there is no resolution for the issues which have resulted in Mamadou Sakho becoming an outcast on Merseyside. His unprofessional behaviour on pre-season tour saw him sent home to recuperate on his own and since then, there has been very little way back into the squad for him.

France Football say that Sakho will more than likely be sold in January as there is no room for him at Liverpool. When the Frenchman did return from injury, Joel Matip and Dejan Lovren had cemented their partnership in central defence meaning that he had to make himself content with life in the reserves as it became clear that Jurgen Klopp had no future for him in his team.

On one hand, I should be overjoyed that we have a manager who is ruthless and cut-throat and absolutely willing to cut through sentiment to deliver titles and if this means selling Mamadou Sakho, then he’ll do it.

And then, on the other hand, in Sakho’s time with Liverpool, I’ve learned to love him both as a player and a person, because at the end of the day, he isn’t defined by the few mistakes he’s made. A lot of people seem to have forgotten how much effort Sakho puts in when he plays.

Perhaps, the worst part of all of this was how Sakho responded to it all. He hasn’t exactly covered himself in glory by going to Snapchat to vent and it really just deepened the whole he’s in. I’ll certainly miss Sakho, but Klopp is right in what he’s doing and if we ever want Liverpool to make it to 19 league titles, then we can’t tolerate characters who detract from the sense of absolute professionalism.

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