According to Micky Quinn, Liverpool is interested in signing Virgil Van Dijk in the January transfer window.

What is it about Liverpool and Southampton players? In Jurgen Klopp’s preferred starting lineup, there are four ex-Saints players alone. While the likes of Adam Lallana and Dejan Lovren have come good and Nathaniel Clyne and Sadio Mane are absolute stars, it’s a bit backward to buy continuously buy from a club that is expected to finish below you in the league.

That being said, Virgil Van Dijk is one of the best centre-backs in the league. There are very few defenders in Europe, not just England, that can boast his power, aggression, skill in defence and composure on the ball. Not to mention, he’s a fantastic header of the ball.

With a fair amount of people questioning Dejan Lovren once again after the Croatian made a calamitous error against Crystal Palace, a move for Van Dijk would make a lot of sense. It would make even more sense when you take the rumours about Mamadou Sakho leaving in the winter transfer window into consideration.

With Lovren a good defender at best and Sakho nearing the exit door, it would be wise to bring in another recognised centre-half with Ragnar Klavan the only other experienced central defender in the squad.

Micky Quinn told the Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast, which was broadcast on TalkSPORT that he heard that Liverpool will make a bid for Virgil Van Dijk in the January transfer window.

“I believe they’re interested in Van Dijk, when the transfer window opens up,” Quinn revealed. “They love a Southampton player, they’ll probably go back again.”

There are many reasons to be excited about the Dutchman moving to Liverpool and only one that occurs to me that is negative: he will cost an arm and a leg.

We all know very well that Southampton looks to run Liverpool dry and then hide their money away so they can run their academy until the Reds come knocking again. If Liverpool do make an approach for Van Dijk, I imagine that Southampton’s negotiators won’t be asking for less than £25 million and they will hold firm to their asking price as they have done in years gone by.

All in all, this could be a transfer that could be very profitable for Liverpool as Van Dijk’s arrival could help shore up Liverpool’s defence and assist in the Reds’ title challenge.

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Michael Mongie
Just like you, I am a hugely passionate Liverpool supporter. I started Rousing the Kop in January 2015 and since then it has grown tremendously and has even been nominated as 'Best New Football Blog' in the Football Blogging Awards.


    • Can we just reflect on what it costs to sign a good defender these days? £50 million for Stones and £65 for Van Dijk? Suarez went for £75 mil. This is outlandish, to say the very least.

  1. Ha ha ha. Is Lovren good or average as your article can’t seem to decide. The reality is that he has performed badly in his defensive duties but the odd scrambled goal has made him look a better player than he his. If Stones went for £50 million then I think 25m for vvd is way off the mark

  2. Rubbish, Micky Quinn is a melt, he is wrong all the time.. Liverpools central back four next season will be Lovren Matip Klavan and Gomez, Lucas will fill in for Gomez this season so Sakhos departure is irrelevant, we dont need another center back with no European football and Klopp is not gonna sell any of the 4 i mentioned for next season as hes a big fan..

  3. Why don’t you just support the Saints, and save yourself a barrow load of money.

    Just think of what great team Saints would have if Spurs, Liverpool, Man U, and Arsenal would leave us alone.

  4. I think Liverpool still in need of this guy,because all those people you’re mentioned I can’t see best in them except Joel matip.

  5. I really really like this Defender and have done for some time and I would certainly have No qualms on Klopp bringing in this guy but I am a little concerned on what type of figure Klopp will except on selling Sakho even with selling him in January as you normally get a little bit more when selling in January as its thought teams normally buy then in desperation !!!. I am certainly looking forward to when Gomez is finally match fit and ready to return to action as wondering how far Klopp can take this Kid once he starts to use his Magic. YNWA

    • i think we have got the best CB of PL in Sakho and we wud nt have conceded such stupid goals we will regret it at the end of season as usual as past seasons dnt know whts in klops mind such defensive errors from CBs same applies for attack .Y not used sturridge wen Firmino was inexistant since 70th mn against C,palace ?

  6. VVD is the best CB in the Premier League, and I’m sure Liverpool, and others, are interested in him. However, Saints are not stupid, and despite uninformed comment, are not simply a ‘selling club’. We do not sell in January for a start, and the fact he has just signed a 6 year deal gives us far more control of the situation. Mane for instance only had 2 years left on his contract, and made it clear he would not sign a new one, which made selling a ‘no-brainer’. Most of all though, he is a key player who would be very hard to replace. We took a hit on Wanyama’s fee because we refused to sell him straight away for the same reason. We do not need the money, and whilst I’m sure there will be speculation in the summer, no chance in the next window.

    By the way……£25 million?!?. Double that and you might be somewhere near an accurate valuation!

    • That 6 year deal might have a low release clause. That’s how clubs get players to sign long deals. Not that I care-I like VVD-I even have him in my fantasy team but I like Lovren too and one mistake in a game we won handily doesn’t change that. Lovren has been excellent for the calendar year.

  7. like seriously we need nothing more than him i was wondering how comes teams dnt go for him he is absolutly the best in the league pair him with matip nobdy will score a short piece conners or the like common klop buy him i know u recognise talent and he is one 1 left back then one proving winger lucas moura and the likes

  8. Totally agree with Stevo. And Yes I am a Saints fan but if you think you are getting VVD this January you need your heads examined!! Hell will freeze over before that happens. Saints are in the driving seat and I reckon in a few years he will bypass you guys and go straight to Barcelona or Real Madrid. He is that good and unfortunately he is not yours!! Train up some of your own players for a change……..

  9. Train up our own? Erm, the Saints bought VVD from Celtic, Clyne from Palace, Lovren from Lyon and Mane from Red Bull Salzburg.
    Agree that theres no hope of VVD going anywhere though, Saints would be nuts to let him go.