Stat proves that Loris Karius is better than his critics would say

Loris Karius of Liverpool gives his defenders instructions during the Premier League match between Swansea City and Liverpool at Liberty Stadium on October 1, 2016 in Swansea, Wales.
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Despite only having played five games for Liverpool in the Premier League this season, many fans seem to doubt Loris Karius’ talent but this stat proves that he’s much better than some would have you believe.

Liverpool signed Karius from Mainz as a way to ensure that Simon Mignolet’s uncertainty in goal didn’t continue to cost them points as was the case last season. The former Sunderland goalkeeper is known for being poor at handling crosses and at standing up to tall and physical forwards, but his shot-stopping is up there with the league’s best.

Despite signing Karius to make sure that crosses into the box are dealt with more easily, some believe that the young German goalkeeper isn’t performing as he should. While I concede that he has been somewhat shaky, I put this down to the enormity of dealing with a move from Mainz and the Bundesliga to Liverpool and the Premier League.

Although he has appeared a little bit nervous, there is no denying his readiness to play the ball out from the back. When you compare Karius to Manchester City’s Claudio Bravo, who was supposedly signed for his passing ability, the German fares quite well. With 74% pass completion, compared to Bravo’s 80%, Karius is not doing as badly as some would suggest and Karius has attempted roughly thirty more passes more which is a fair amount for a ‘keeper.

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The stat, however, that should redeem Karius in most supporters’ eyes is the fact that he has, according to the Daily Mail, a 100% record in the Premier League when coming to collect crosses into the box. He hasn’t fumbled, dropped or made an sort of miscue and this should go a long way to appeasing fans who have fears that Karius is a dud.

It goes to say that, at 23 years of age, Karius has the potential to be Liverpool’s goalkeeper for much of the next decade and all he needs is a period to settle in and get used to what is a very unique league in that that the Premier League is an amalgamation of  players who are highly technical players and highly combative. The game is played much faster in England than what Karius is used to and, once he’s used to the nature of the league, I fully expect the lad to emerge as one of the best young goalies in the world.

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Michael Mongie
Just like you, I am a hugely passionate Liverpool supporter. I started Rousing the Kop in January 2015 and since then it has grown tremendously and has even been nominated as 'Best New Football Blog' in the Football Blogging Awards.


  1. Hm. He might not have dropped any crosses, but he regularly gies for at ball, only to change his mind, resulting in poor positioning. So far it’s not cost too many goals. Lots of good chances have been given away though.
    I’ve noticed that there are problems, particularily covering crosses towards the back post.
    These are, as said in the article, likely Early jitters, however it’s a funny stat to pull out when everybody can see that comming of the Line, is not Karius strong suit.
    Whats is very encourageing though is the fact that when he comes out, he goes to catch it. Never liked Migs punching-strategy.

  2. There are too many stray passes when he is not under pressure and also his reading of the game when confronted with the opposition’s attack needs improvement. His judgement on when to come off the line and when to stay back needs work as he forges greater understanding and communication with his backline. Needs to play with more confidence and confidence and composure but then again he is only 23….perhaps time will tell


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