According to the Liverpool Echo, Jurgen Klopp has said that Steven Gerrard is welcome to return to Liverpool once his contract with LA Galaxy expires.

I can’t speak for any other Liverpool fans but I would love it for Steven Gerrard to return to the club, even if it was in an advisory role. His experience and leadership are qualities that cannot be overvalued and he would help the current squad with their fight for the league title.

Speaking after Liverpool’s win over West Brom, Jurgen Klopp said, “Steven Gerrard, and it will be a really big surprise probably, is always so welcome at Liverpool FC. You cannot imagine how welcome.

“So there is absolutely no problem. But everything which we have already or will speak to each other about stays in this situation. (between us)

“That’s how I know Stevie and that’s how I am. But nobody should be worried that there is no space for Steven Gerrard, everything will be fine, 100%.”

The former Liverpool skipper was at Melwood earlier this month to recuperate from a hamstring injury and he also visited his old teammates.

There are many who think Gerrard could return to Liverpool as a player but that would likely raise more problems than it would solve so it seems more probable he’d come in as part of Klopp’s coaching staff.

Gerrard himself mentioned having talks with Klopp about a return, but the role he’d fulfill is still undetermined.

“I have had a chat with Klopp,” Gerrard said.

“I haven’t had an offer as such, but the club have let me know they are keen for me to come back.

“There hasn’t been a conversation where they have said: ‘we want you to do this, we want you to do that’. But they have welcomed me back in.”

Nothing would make me happier than seeing Gerrard wearing the famous red jersey and scoring a screamer in front of the Kop, but it seems likelier that he’ll be watching from the bench as Philippe Coutinho does so.

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