Michael Mongie explains what we should expect from next week’s clash between Liverpool and Manchester United at Anfield.

Liverpool vs. Manchester United. Jurgen Klopp vs. Jose Mourinho. Clash of the titans. A week from today, we get to watch the first Liverpool versus United game of the season and I cannot wait.

While Klopp’s side are on a great run of form and have already won against the likes of Arsenal, Leicester and Chelsea, there is still the chance of an upset. But then again, who honestly believes that Liverpool can’t continue their ‘big game form’ against their eternal rivals on home turf?

While getting the three points may be the most important thing, I looking forward to seeing that sour look on Mourinho’s face. That look can only be created by beating one of his teams and I fully expect Liverpool to win against United.

Klopp’s side might be on a serious run of form, but that’s not to say the likes of Paul Pogba and Zlatan Ibrahimovic can’t inflict some serious damage on Liverpool’s chances of league glory with a win at Anfield.

To find out what to expect from next Monday’s clash simply continue reading.

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