Roberto Firmino has revealed that the reason for his absurd hairstyle is because he is paying tribute to Wesley Safadao.

Liverpool has been in sparkling this season and is fourth in the league and the joint highest scoring team in the league with 18 goals in seven games.

There has been very little to complain about as a Liverpool supporter this season, with just about every game entertaining and filled with exciting attacking football.

HOWEVER. Roberto Firmino and Alberto Moreno have both sported the disliked top-knot hairstyle this season. Moreno cut his off and dyed his hair bleach-blonde before shaving his head. On the other hand, Firmino hasn’t realised the error of his ways and still insists on tying a knot on top of his head everyday.

I always thought the hairstyle was just poor fashion sense and, while I’m not saying the hairstyle isn’t massively unattractive, there is a reason behind the hairstyle that we didn’t know before.

Apparently, according to Firmino’s personal Instagram account, the do is a tribute to Brazilian singer, Wesley Safadao.

I must admit to being a little more than happy about the fact that the hairstyle isn’t purely because Firmino enjoys the look. It’s quite silly how obsessed we are about Liverpool that we’d discuss the absurdity of things like hairstyles, tattoos and the colour of a player’s boots.

At the end of the day, if Firmino scores against Manchester United I would be happy for him to get dreadlocks. Well, maybe not…

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