Ian Ayre told the Express why Liverpool sought out Jurgen Klopp to become the club’s new manager. 

It is safe to say that the atmosphere surrounding Liverpool Football Club has been altered dramatically over the last 365 days. This time last year, Brendan Rodgers had been sacked and the club was managerless and reported to be intensely pursuing Jurgen Klopp to become manager.

Despite all the flak he comes in for, the man who was instrumental in Klopp’s appointment was Ian Ayre. Liverpool’s CEO was rushing around organising things and negotiating all that needed to be in just a few days. It’s safe to say that Klopp was, and is, Ayre’s greatest signing in his time with Liverpool.

Ayre spoke to the Express this week about Klopp and his appointment.

“It’s not true to say we invested everything in him. He is extremely collaborative. He is prepared to have the debate. He will say his piece and stand his ground, and so he should, but he is a grown-up and he is prepared to accept that not everything will be as he wants.

“When you come to a football club from another country and another league, it is very difficult to be accepted. To get so many people behind him so quickly is great testament to the person he is.

“Whatever happens on the football pitch in the future only time will tell, but I don’t think you could pick a better character to fit this club. Seeing that unfold has certainly given me satisfaction.

“It is a massive challenge and won’t be without its ups and downs but in terms of did we get the right man for the job? There is absolutely no question. That stands out a mile.”

A lot of people have written about how perfect Klopp’s character and personality is for Liverpool as a community, but that’s because it’s so true. When the German arrived last year, the thing about him that struck was how real he is.

There is no bullsh*t with Jurgen Klopp and this is what endears him to people as what you see is what you get. His dramatic touchline celebrations are genuine and authentic and for himself, not for the cameras or onlookers.

When Klopp held his first press conference as Liverpool manager last year, he spoke about fans converting from dreamers to believers. This conversion is not yet complete, but with the way Liverpool is playing this season it is only a matter of time before Klopp wins his first trophy as the manager of Liverpool Football Club.

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