With several of Liverpool’s key players away on international duty, who will be looking to impress Jurgen Klopp?

Yes, we all hate the international break. There is nothing worse for a manager than to have to let his players go when they’re gelling with their teammates and clicking into gear. This is exactly the issue that Jurgen Klopp is facing and has spoken about publicly before.

The danger with the international break is that often players have to travel long distances and then play in less than ideal conditions. Take Philippe Coutinho, for instance. In the last break, he had had to travel all the way to Brazil and back and the club had to arrange special travel plans to get him back in time for the clash with Spurs.

While having your players taken from you is less than ideal, there are some who will benefit from the extra time at Melwood. Klopp will spend the next two weeks preparing the players he has available for an important Monday Night Football fixture against Manchester United on the 17th of October.

Which three players will benefit the most from extra time spent at Melwood with Klopp? Continue reading to find out.

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