Liverpool triumphed over Chelsea last night in a brilliantly competitive fixture at Stamford Bridge. The encounter perfectly encapsulated what Friday Night Football should be like. 

While Chelsea may have been somewhat lethargic in the first half, they responded brilliantly in the second half and were rewarded for their efforts with a goal.

The game was a great one from a neutral point of view. I for one couldn’t handle the pressure towards the end of the game. My leg was bouncing up and down in a perpetual release of nervous energy.

My state of anxiety reached its apex when Divock Origi’s header was swatted off the line by Thibaut Courtois. That goal would have surely settled the game and ensured that Liverpool eclipsed Chelsea in the league standings.

Alas, the nervy end to the game continued and it was intensified by Lucas Leiva giving away a cheap free kick on the edge of the 18-yard area. I was convinced that Cesc Fabregas was going to lift the ball over the wall and into the back of the net, but Mignolet’s wall did its job and the job and the ball was subsequently hoofed clear.

When the final whistle went two things happened; I breathed an immense sigh of relief and finally let myself feeling excited at what is happening at Liverpool.

Opposition fans and pundits may be downplaying Liverpool’s top four credentials but there is no denying that Jurgen Klopp is doing something special with the Reds. I haven’t felt this excited about Liverpool since April of 2014 when there was immense optimism surrounding the club’s title aspirations.

Here are some of the best shots from the game last night:

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