After rumours, and social media breakdowns, claiming that Sadio Mane was injured, the man himself has come out to clear the air.

It’s really indicative of Mane’s importance to Liverpool that his supposed injury has received so much media coverage. However, he is alright and should feature against Leicester on the weekend.

Mane told, “I’m fit. It’s true I got a little kick in the back of the knee, but it was nothing special – it happened in the first half and I played for the rest of the game.

“I’d spoke with the coach and because we have new players, he wanted to try [them] and change me, so the substitution was not due to injury.

“The most important thing is I am here today at Melwood, I am happy to be fit and will get myself ready for Leicester in the rest of the week.”

Mane then revealed that he’d had a conversation with Klopp over the phone.

The new signing then continued, “I spoke to the coach [Klopp] and told him everything was OK, I am 100 per cent fit and there was nothing specific [to report].

“After the game, I went to the airport to take a flight. When I reached Paris the following morning, I had many messages on my phone with people and my family asking what happened because they saw in the press I had an injury. I said to them, ‘no, no, I am OK!’.”

Great stuff.