Liverpool’s former Spanish orchestrator has revealed that the world class core of the team that existed when he was at Liverpool made for harmonious living. 

Xabi Alonso is fondly remembered by all Liverpool fans for his superb technique and passion for the club. The Spaniard was signed by Rafa Benitez in the club’s ‘Spanish revolution’ and was instrumental in Liverpool’s historic Champions League success in Istanbul.

Very few players leave Liverpool for big clubs these days and are remembered with adoration. Alonso is, and it’s due to how classy he is. The Spanish international isn’t just a stylish player on the ball but also knows how to conduct himself, and these things are appreciated by the Anfield faithful.

As reported by the Guardian, Alonso said: “To win the league you need to have everything.

“These were my happiest times at Liverpool: Pepe [Reina] to Agger, Agger to me, me to Stevie and Stevie to Torres. Sometimes it would take less than 10 seconds.

“The spine in that team was the best I’ve played in. You also have Carra and Mascherano in the side – top-class players. There was skill, steel and speed; it was very competitive, very intense. Very, very determined and committed.”

The side that Alonso played in during his time at Liverpool was as close to perfect as Liverpool have had things in decades. As the Bayern Munich midfielder said, “there was skill, steel and speed.”

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