Liverpool finally managed to rid themselves of Mario Balotelli after two years of frustration by selling the forward to Nice.

I have some bad news, unfortunately. If you ever thought that working hard long hours will be rewarded with a job that pays well, then you need only look at Balotelli’s career to see how wrong you’ve been.

Blessed with a debated amount of natural talent, the Italian has squandered a career that could have gone so differently. In the last two seasons, Balotelli, a striker, has scored just seven goals with Liverpool and AC Milan. That is shambolic, but it’s not for a lack of talent.

You need only cast your mind back to Balotelli’s Euro 2012 semi-final goal against Germany to be reminded of the things he is capable of when he tries.

L’Equipe, via the Metro, report that, in spite of Balotelli’s poor work ethic and non-existent goal return, the forward will be paid £3.7 million-a-year by Nice.

Not fair that.

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