Sturridge’s comments about being playing out of position are being sensationalised

Daniel Sturridge of Liverpool shoots at goal during the EFL Cup second round match between Burton Albion and Liverpool at Pirelli Stadium
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Daniel Sturridge banged two goals in for Liverpool playing centrally just days after being deployed as a winger and the Englishman has voiced his dislike for playing on the wing. The issue is that his comments are being slanted by various news outlets as being impetuous.  

Sturridge is the only player in the Liverpool squad to have scored 20 goals in a single Premier League campaign and yet he is being shunted onto the wing to accommodate Roberto Firmino or making appearances off the bench against the likes of Burton Albion.

However, the forward, after being asked  what his views on being played on the wing replied curtly, according to the Liverpool Echo:

“Of course it’s more difficult for me to play wide because I am a centre-forward.”

Klopp prefers players who press rapidly up front and the fact of the matter is that Sturridge has lost some of the zip that he used to have as a result of all his injuries.

The issue is that all the mainstream newspapers are making a massive deal of the fact that Sturridge has publicly said he isn’t happy playing on the wing. But it’s not like he said he’d never play there if called upon. Quite the opposite in fact.

“Obviously in the modern day game you have to try to be flexible. But everyone knows that is my best position.

“Everyone knows where I enjoy playing the most. I am a player who plays on instinct.

“When I’m in the middle I have clarity on movements and things that I have been been doing for years. You do them on auto pilot. You just do things because you are used to doing them.

“Out wide, it’s different. You have to worry about different things. It’s a different way of playing.

“I have to do a job for the team. I am not saying I am happy to do it, I am saying I have to do a job for the team. It’s a team game. If I am put in that position then I have to play there.”

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