Jürgen Klopp has revealed that he may spend the rest of his managerial career with Liverpool.

When Liverpool signed the former Mainz and Borussia Dortmund manager there was the sense that Klopp was perfect for the club and vice versa. His passion and innate knowledge of the way the people of Liverpool operate has made for a close bond between the city and their manager.

Klopp’s affinity for Liverpool Football Club has lead him to suggest that Liverpool could be the final stop on the road in his career.

When asked if he wanted to manage another team, Klopp told German magazine Stern: “No.”

He then continued. “I asked myself, ‘where do I still want to work?’ rather than ‘what do I still want to win?’ and couldn’t think of many places.

“Do I want another club in Germany? No. In England? No. In Asia, Russia or the United Arab Emirates? No, no, no.

“And then I thought that I’m already at the right club and why should I worry about how long I am here for?

“If at the end of my career I have managed only three clubs, then at least they were great clubs.”

If Liverpool is Klopp’s last club that can only mean good things. The German is still young and as his boisterous sideline celebrations suggest he still has many years left in him. Hopefully Klopp will stay at Liverpool for a long time and imitate what Sir Alex Ferguson did at Manchester United and usher in an extended period of success.

Klopp is like other manager and regardless of how long he stays at Liverpool there is no doubting that both club and manager feel there is a special bond between the two.

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