Mario Balotelli and Jose Mourinho reportedly met up to discuss the Italian forward’s career rehabilitation. 

Since arriving at Liverpool for 16 million pounds, Balotelli’s career on Merseyside has been a gossip column’s dream. While most of the stories about the maverick forward shouldn’t be believed there are a multitude of ridiculous things that the former Manchester City and AC Milan player has done.

Such is the way that Jürgen Klopp operates there is no room for ongoing scandal and indifference to training. Therefore Balotelli was told by the German manager that he needs to find a new club.

Stories popped up today that Balotelli met with Manchester United’s new manager, Jose Mourinho. The silly season has clearly had an effect on everyone’s minds if there is any thought whatsoever from anyone that a player would move from Liverpool to United or vice versa. It hasn’t happened for 52 years and likely won’t for another half-century.

Rather, Balotelli and Mourinho, each controversial in their own right, met up to discuss how the former can rehabilitate his career after essentially throwing it down the toilet along with the fireworks he tossed in the bog back in 2011.

The reports come from Italian outlet Calciomercato and may well just be an attempt to make the most of the remaining days of the transfer window in a click-bait scam. Regardless of the truth behind the story there is still a desire for Balotelli to leave Liverpool – and soon.

Featured Image: All rights reserved by Getty Images

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