Jürgen Klopp spoke to a room filled with journalists after his side’s 3-4 victory on the opening day of the season away to Arsenal. 

Liverpool were rampant for 20 minutes against Arsenal and scored four goals which won the game for the Reds. Klopp admits that celebrating the way they did after Sadio Mané added the fourth goal to Liverpool’s lead is the reason there was so much pressure on his team for the remaining 30 minutes of the game.

Mané sprinted to Klopp and jumped on his manager’s back where the rest of the Liverpool swamped them. The passion and excitement that was running through his players meant that such a celebration was excusable. Or is it? Klopp feels that the celebration of Mané’s goal, as thrilling as it was, resulted in a relaxed approach afterwards and it allowed the Gunners to get back into the game. Looking back, a 3-4 scoreline doesn’t quite do Liverpool’s attacking unit justice.

It is pleasing to see Klopp take accountability after such mistakes time and time again after the days of Brendan Rodgers shifting blame and refusing to take responsibility. For this reason, Klopp’s players admire him as they know their manager will protect them and not throw them in front of a pack of journalists.

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