Jürgen Klopp spoke to the media yesterday ahead of tomorrow’s clash with Arsenal at the Emirates.

If you were excited yesterday for the start of the Premier League then I highly doubt that it compares to what you’d be feeling now. We’ve waited for the restart of the league in eager anticipation and now today we can have a taste of what we can expect this season.

Klopp mentioned yesterday, not in the pre-match presser, to Liverpoolfc.com that his desire for this season is to be spoken about in 50 years time and that he hopes that the Reds are entertaining this season. It’s common knowledge that the Reds have been somewhat off the pace as far as Europe’s top teams are concerned but no-one is doubting that this season will be a step toward being restored as an elite team in Europe.

Liverpool and Arsenal will both have their absentees for the Emirates encounter tomorrow but when it comes down to it there will be little that either team will be able to complain about. Both managers, Klopp and Wenger, will be looking to get their 2016/17 season campaigns off to the right start.

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qikpgdT41Uo[/embedyt]

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