Jürgen Klopp admits he has “no idea” if Daniel Sturridge will play against Arsenal on Sunday.

Liverpool’s Premier League season starts on the weekend with a visit to London and Klopp has a number of injuries to deal with. The most concerning of all is Sturridge’s precautionary exclusion from the squad for games against Barcelona and Mainz.

I don’t need to delve into Sturridge’s injury record very far other than to say that his time at Liverpool has been littered with niggles and serious injuries that have needed surgery.

When Klopp was asked for a one word answer regarding Sturridge’s availability for the clash against Arsenal the German replied,” No idea.” Erm, Jürgen, that’s two words, pal.

“I’m always ready,” he added, with the season opener looming ahead. “We played some games that were very good, others that were less good.

“Barcelona was really good and then we had Mainz, and that is what you need. You have to work and that is all. That is what we are doing.

“We will be ready for the first game next week, for sure. But if Arsenal was the best game of the season for us, there would be something wrong with the season.

“We still have to go on. This is only the first game. We cannot decide the whole season in one game. But we need to be as good as possible. And that is what we will be, 100 per cent.

“But I am not in the mood to say this is our final shape.”

Hopefully Sturridge’s injury doesn’t affect the season proper as his importance to Liverpool is substantial and if he can play a large portion of the season the club’s chances of success are increased twofold.

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