Jurgen Klopp may have to do very little to endear himself to Liverpool fans but refusing to answer the questions of a journalist from the S*n is a good way to go.

He may not have done it to garner appreciation from fans but when Klopp refused to answer the questions of one of the S*n’s journalists, Liverpool fans were loving it.

A question was posed to Klopp to which he replied:

“I don’t talk with the S*n anymore. I don’t speak with the S*n anymore. You can listen.”

“It’s not because I’m with Liverpool now. It’s because of a few things that will happen in the next few days or few weeks, I don’t know.”

Speaking to the S*n reporter Antony Kastrinakis directly, Klopp then added:

“It’s not personal. You’re still working for the the S*n, right? That’s it.”

“You can listen and you can write what you want.”

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