Sadio Mané has confirmed that other clubs were interested in signing him including Manchester United. He also talks down the pressure of his large price tag.

Liverpool signed Sadio Mané from Southampton for £32 million making him the club’s second most expensive player just behind Kop-flop, Andy Carroll. His fee could rise to £36 million due to ad-ons which would see him pip Carroll to become the club’s most expensive signing ever.

However, according to Sky Sports, Mané has insisted that he doesn’t feel that his price tag holds any sway over what should be expected of him at Anfield next season:

“It’s football isn’t it? That’s the game these days,” he told the Liverpool Echo.

“The thing for me is not to focus on the fee. I just have to focus on what I can do in the games and in training.”

Sadio is clearly not influenced by the amount of Mané that there is in football these days. It’s quite pleasing to hear that he won’t allow his tremendous price tag to get in the way of his performances especially given the huge amount of pressure and expectation already placed on Liverpool players’ shoulders.

What may be even more pleasing to hear than Mané’s maturity around money was his decision to snub Liverpool’s greatest rivals, Manchester United.

“Yes, it was true (Manchester United were interested),” he said.

“There was interest from a lot of clubs, not just Manchester United, but as soon as I knew Liverpool were interested I just felt it was the right club with the right coach. It was right for me to come here.

“Liverpool are a massive club with a big history that has won many trophies over the years and as soon as I was told of the possibility to come here and I knew the manager wanted me I said yes.

“It was the right move. I recognise the size of the club and to progress to another level as a player this was the club and the moment for me. It was a step I needed to make.”

It may be silly but knowing that Liverpool got one over Manchester United makes me happier than you could imagine.

Mané is part of a glittering Liverpool attack which, ahead of next season, looks likely to take the Premier League by storm. What Jürgen Klopp’s side has been lacking for so long has been true pace and a player who can get in behind defenders. Philippe Coutinho has even vocalised his excitement to play with Georginio Wijnaldum and Mané together.

Featured Image: All rights reserved by Sky Sports

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