Last season, Reds’ fans were fond of using pyro to show support for the side and now it has landed the club in hot water.

Even a neutral fan can see that Liverpool have been targeted by UEFA recently with the club being handed fines for a whole range of supposed transgressions.

Liverpool supporters have been fond of using pyro during matches to heighten the sense of occasion and lift the atmosphere to spur the side on. While I agree it is illegal and fans should be more careful, part of the blame can be shifted onto UEFA officials themselves for allowing contraband to be brought into stadiums.

Liverpool have been fined €16,000 for the disturbances caused during Liverpool’s Europa League final clash with Sevilla in May. Liverpool fans set off fireworks in the stadium and held up an illicit banner.

Sevilla fans were also charged and the club was fined €17,000 as a result of the Spanish club’s supporters with Liverpool’s fans and also for throwing objects. There were disturbances between fans who were seated in supposedly neutral zones although it seems as though Liverpool supporters occupied most of the seating.

Liverpool were fined €40,000 after the round of 16 clash with Manchester United at Old Trafford because of alleged chanting of illicit songs. Liverpool’s historic victory over Borussia Dortmund was also marred by a fine with fireworks being set off inside Anfield – this time a €17,000 fine was issued.

It is time UEFA became more vigilant and make sure contraband isn’t allowed inside stadiums and that at neutral grounds, for instance St. Jakob Park for the Europa League final, appropriate security measures need to be implemented to rule out the chance for violent disturbances.

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