Skrtel: I'll Kick Sturridge If I Have To

Martin Skrtel will have no problem kicking Daniel Sturridge if it guaranteed Slovakia’s progression to the next round of Euro 2016.

Liverpool fans have an unanimous agreement that Skrtel is one of the dodgiest defenders around. That being said, there is also the appreciation for how aggressive the Slovakian centre-half is towards opposition defenders.

The bad news is that this aggression will be geared towards Daniel Sturridge and the four other Liverpool English teammates as England and Slovakia lock horns in the final game of the group stage. I must say he can’t be too concerned about Sturridge’s torrid injury record.

Skrtel may have to resort to his infamous tactics to thwart Daniel Sturridge with the Englishman having tasted what it’s like to score at the Euros. It’s unlikely he’s had his fill and what could taste sweeter than scoring a goal to send your nation to the next round of the tournament?

Slovakia’s captain is having none of it. He spoke during a press conference of his desire to reach the knockout stages with Slovakia and mentioned how his teammates at club won’t be a factor for him:

“We can be friends before and after the game. On the pitch, there are no friends.

“If you asked Daniel he’d answer the same. We try and do the best for the team. If that means having to kick him, then, yes. Of course.

“We know each other well, but it’s very difficult to predict a situation in a game. Every single game is different. We have to be ready for them, for him, and to try and eliminate their strengths and work on our own to be a success.”

He denied the possibility of having “insider knowledge” which could help him thwart his English Liverpool teammates.

“I’m ready to answer all the questions if the manager or players ask me, but they haven’t asked me yet.

“I think we know them well, not only me but other players too.

“England have star players, so we all know them. We just have to take that knowledge into the game.

“Everyone knows about England’s qualities and strengths, which they proved in qualifying and in the first two matches.”

When Skrtel was asked about his future he smiled and avoided asking the questions directly.

“I’m smiling because this question has nothing to do with the game,” he said.

“I’m fully focused on the national team and the game. Questions about my future, ask me after the Euros.

“But I don’t think one game can change a player’s career. One game can’t change that much but I’ll do my best to put in a good performance, to be successful.”

Typically vague from a Liverpool player. The club must have a very adept PR department.

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