Three Players That Could Replace Philippe Coutinho

Sean Clansey outlines three players that could replace Philippe Coutinho amidst reports that Paris Saint-Germain could swoop for the midfielder.

Do you remember the days when Liverpool could develop a player into an exquisite talent and not have him, or the fans, crumble at any sign of interest from a ‘bigger club’?

Yes, bigger club is in inverted commas as recent seasons indicate that Liverpool Football Club is no longer thought of amongst the elite.

As hard as it is to accept, the implications are seemingly correct. We have fallen down the slippery slope of irrelevance and there’s only one way to mount our comeback; by keeping hold of our key players!

And they don’t come as vital as Philippe Correia Coutinho! Our little magician. Standing at a mere 5ft 7 inches the man has talent gushing from his ears. Endless times has Coutinho pulled out a moment of magic to seize us a crucial equaliser or three points.

How many players can you say would be able to turn a game on its head and produce something spectacular out of nowhere like that? The last one that comes to mind is Luis Suárez, and look what happened to him; flogged to a bigger club for a bulk of money. The thing is: these players are priceless and should be held onto at all costs.

Unfortunately, it seems Coutinho is destined for the same fate after sources today claim PSG are heavily interested.

He was also quoted as saying:

“I miss winning cups. Copa América is another opportunity for me, because every player dreams of winning cups.”

I don’t know about you, but to me, that is his way of screaming out for either a transfer or a new and improved salary.

Can we really afford to keep losing players of this standard and more importantly, how easily is he replaced?

The answer is not very, however, no player is bigger than the club itself and if anyone were to find an amazing, young prodigy to equal and surpass the footballing prowess Coutinho bears, it’s Jürgen Klopp.

Chances are Klopp will ransack his old league in search for the perfect replacement, and where else to look than one of his cherished fellow companions; Mario Götze.

After a month of heavy speculation regarding Götze’s future and a torrid few weeks of Liverpool fans getting their hopes up on social media, Götze came out and confirmed his loyalty to Bayern. He made quite the statement by sacking his agent, who was the one advising Götze to sign for Liverpool. God bless his naive little soul!

This caused anarchy amongst Liverpool Twitter as it looked more and more each day that Götze was going to begin the new season wearing the famous red. Unfortunately, that’s not the case, and that’s why we can rule off, in my opinion, what should have been our number one target. Happy Birthday for Friday, by the way, Mario!

Next on the list is none other than the free kick maestro himself: Hakan Çalhanoğlu.

Highly regarded as one of the Bundesliga’s finest and a player Klopp knows well. The man can strike a dead ball as good as I can watch TV shows for hours on end without regret or movement. Believe me, I’m quite the television fanatic. A worthy successor to Coutinho and someone who wouldn’t cost a bomb to tempt to Anfield.

Emre Mor, Çalhanoğlu’s national teammate is an 18 year old wonder-kid who burst onto the scene this season with a number of stunning performances in the Danish Superliga for FC Nordsjælland.

We apparently lead the race for the signature of the youngster ahead of the likes of Dortmund, United and Ajax. Although it is a risk to sign an unfamiliar youngster playing in the Danish Superliga, it may be a gamble that pays off considering Klopp’s notable reputation of plucking youngsters out of nowhere and turning them into world-beaters.

Surely if we’re looking for the youthful option we’d be best sticking to our very own prestigious city instead of scouring the Danish leagues for young talent. Maybe the solution to our problem has been right under our noses all along: Sheyi Ojo!

The man who rose to prominence after a handful of impressive performances in the Premier League at the rear end of last season. Ojo notched up three assists in the short period he was given to impress – and impress he certainly did! Klopp has a knack of developing raw, promising talent, which has been evident with Ojo already, but maybe Ojo has more to give and a bigger part to play next season. It wouldn’t hurt to let him stretch his legs.

Whatever Klopp does, whether that be signing a fruitful adolescent and establishing him as one of the world’s best or signing a player who’s already at his peak, I have full trust in him. Oh and Philippe Coutinho, make the right decision. There’s only one place your outlandish skills belong; and it’s certainly not in the tedious leagues of France!

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