Can Jürgen Klopp Be As Ruthless As Bill Shankly?

Nathan Brennan compares Jürgen Klopp to Bill Shankly, discussing the ruthless they both have in common.

Not many managers in world football can arrive at a club and instantly be adored no matter what happens during his reign. However, Jürgen Klopp has managed to obtain that status among the Liverpool fans, much as did the greatest Liverpool manager of all-time. The man who shaped the club. Bill Shankly.

Shankly had a certain style that was always apparent with not just his on field play but also in his personality and the way he went about things. For example, the way Shankly spoke about the club was inspiring, jaw dropping. He spoke about it as if you should be willing to be executed in the name of the club and for the sake of the fans and the shirt. Jürgen Klopp does this in a not so serious manner at times.

Jürgen makes sure everyone at the club realizes the stature of Liverpool Football Club and the level it takes to play at such a prestigious club in front of fans renowned as “the best in the world”. This can be evidenced by his decision to tell his players they cannot touch the This is Anfield sign until they’ve won something – out of respect for the history behind the sign.

Shankly was a god amongst the Liverpudlians. Whenever he would win a trophy the city would sprawl out into the streets to hear his speech regarding the trophy he’d just won. He was untouchable, by both the players and the club. When he left he left everyone in Liverpool in tears, people couldn’t believe it.

I feel that no matter what the outcome of Klopp’s Liverpool career is, he will be sadly missed whenever his time comes to depart from the club. He brings an energy, enthusiasm, a bright hope and a darn right brilliant work ethic to the club. His energetic mood lifts the fans. We love him. He knows exactly what fans want and he is willing to be as ruthless as possible to give it to us, as was Shankly.

Shankly, near the final stages of his Liverpool reign became that ruthless manager as he began to replace the stars that had won him and the fans so much over the years with younger potential stars. He found this difficult as they were not just his colleagues and players, they were also his mates who had helped him to become the greatest and vice versa.

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But Shankly knew the best for the club would be to replace the old guard, he did what was best for the club and more importantly what was best for the future managers such as Bob Paisley who flourished off the young talent Bill had brought into the club before his passing.

Jürgen Klopp right now is binning the useless players with no mercy, building a team that is not just good for him, but that will be good for when his time is up and future managers take the club on their shoulders. Klopp and Shankly both did what was best for the club, fans and the city of Liverpool.

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