Mamadou Sakho is Set To Be Released by Liverpool

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According to rumours on social media Mamadou Sakho is set to be released from his contract after the Parisian was charge with substance abuse. 

Sakho failed a drugs test after Liverpool’s Europa League victory against Manchester United. He has since received a one month suspension from UEFA for his transgressions.

If the rumours prove to be true it would be an indictment on the modern game. Liverpool showed support for Luis Suarez in his court case with Patrice Evra over racism allegations in 2011. Liverpool showed solidarity  for Steven Gerrard in 2009 when he was taken to court for assault. However, Mamadou Sakho will be given the boot over a few weight loss pills.

With Suarez, he was an asset, he eventually sold for £75 million. With Gerrard, he was Liverpool’s poster boy for homegrown talent. With Sakho, he is a ‘lost cause and should teach a lesson to others.’

I really hope that the rumours don’t hold any weight and that Liverpool are willing to rehabilitate Sakho. Not least because it will leave the club shorthanded at the back, but because he deserves to be given a chance if racism and thuggery is tolerated.

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Michael Mongie
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  1. Mamadou Sakho will be given the boot over a few weight loss pills!!!
    No he will be given the boot for taking performance enhancing drug which FIFA warned not to take! Looks like he could be getting a 2 year ban if the club are prepared to release him!

  2. “racism and thuggery” Bet you weren’t saying that at the time.
    Would Liverpool have to pay Sakho millions in wages if he was banned for a year or two? even though he wouldn’t be able to play? If so, that could be a good reason. Another one could be that Klopp just doesn’t rate him. Or make it’s all untrue.

  3. Liverpool supported their players when they said they were not guilty of the transgressions they were accused of. Gerrard was cleared in a court of law, and the less we say about Suarez the better. Sakho has already admitted that he took the drugs. So that for one is different. If he gets a 6 month ban (ala Toure), then we should look to keep him. If its a 2 year ban, then his contract will expire before he will be due to come back and you may as well cut your losses. You’re not going to sign a player to a new contract when he has not played for 2 years, nor are you going to want to pay him to sit about. It will all depend on the punishment dished out by those highly respectable people at EUFA & FIFA.

    • I agree with you Sakho should be given a chance if his suspension is not more than 6 moths because releasing him will be unfair taking into consideration of how Suarez was treated

  4. Sakho is a liability in more than one way. He is also the most unsightly player in the entire EPL, and looks do count for something. After all, it is about entertainment, and Sakho is only entertaining for the opposition fans. Send him back to PSG, where he can resume his bench duty as No.4 center back.

  5. It was Sakho who gave a ball Gerrard simply wasnt expecting with way too much pace on it which also caused that slip….90% os Sakho’s passes are side foot and the pace is questionable…we need better at the back….let him go now…..

  6. couldnt agree with yu guys anymore..Sakho was slow in reaction…always so. .and fo the main man in defence..LFC would continue conciding too many silly goals..and with a panicking goalie of ours…????..our game shuld change at th backline!.the EPL will be ours..wether ManU signed Mourinho or ManCity with th sapnish boy at th helm!.LFC..WNWA!!


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