Jürgen Klopp told Liverpool supporters when he arrived to have more belief and then success will come as a result. The effect that the charismatic German has had on the current Liverpool team has bee unprecedented. Since his appointment 7 months ago, Klopp has guided his team to two finals. The upcoming Europa League final holds boundless importance for the future of the club. Whether or not Liverpool win the final it will determine Klopp’s recruitment plans for this summer.

Bar one dismal season in 2014/2015 Liverpool have been absent from the Champions League for 7 years. This exodus from the upper echelon of European football has taken it’s toll on the players that ply their trade for one of Europe’s most richly decorated establishments. Out of the 189 teams to have taken part in the Champions League, Liverpool is one of five teams to have won the tournament 5 times or more. This just shows that Liverpool belong in the tournament as much, if not more, than most teams.

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Jürgen Klopp has already made clear his intent to restore Liverpool to the peaks of both domestic and European football. This intent has been shown by making it to two finals. A further indication of how ambitious he is will be how he approaches the transfer window in the off-season. He has already experienced a transfer window at Liverpool, choosing to sign only Steven Caulker due to a lack of centre-halves. He hasn’t featured since his FA Cup appearance against West Ham on the 30th of January. The fact that Klopp’s only signing of the season played over three months ago shows how it was a do-or-die move.

The issue with Liverpool being away from the big time for so long is that the most talented players want to play in the tournaments which best reflect their talents. If Liverpool are triumphant on the 18th of May against Sevilla then it could signal an upturn in the talents on their way to Anfield. Liverpool may well be in the Champions League next season and will need players fit to represent the club in such a prestigious tournament.

Every Liverpool fan would love it if Klopp signed Marco Reus and the like. That being said it would be wise to counsel low expectations so as not to be disappointed. Marko Grujić and Joël Matip are both set to arrive when the season comes to a close. With Matip signed on a free and Grujić for a lowly fee of £5.1 million it represents the transfer tactic Klopp employs. His most successful were all lesser known and signed for small fees. Lewandowski and Mats Hummels both singed in the region of €4.5 million.

Whoever Klopp signs, and for however much I will rest assured that it will be the right player. Since his arrival on Merseyside there has been every indication that he knows exactly what to do and on par with the fans. 7 months in and he has already achieved cult-hero status. Should he win Liverpool’s first European final in 9 years he will be further lauded. The evening of the 18th of May at the St. Jakub Park in Basel is a crucial point in both the short and long term future of Liverpool Football Club.  Jürgen, we believe.

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